Date: December 24, 2014 
Type: Class A mixed-use center (retail/office) 
Location: Atlanta (Buford), GA 
Purchase Price: $6,825,000

Property Description:

62,453 s.f. retail center  Atlanta (Buford), GA  Class A mixed-use center (retail / office)  2008 construction 

Status at Purchase:

December 24, 2014  64%  $6,825,000  Purchased from lender for less than half of original development cost ($109 psf vs. $240 psf) Implement aggressive marketing plan. Take advantage of lower cost basis to reduce rents to market ($14 – $18 psf vs. original developer asking $30 psf) Actively manage property (which has suffered thru distressed ownership) utilizing SunCap’s platform and key vendor relationships in order to reduce operating expenses. Double the NOI over a five year holding period. $2,779,000 6% (year 1) to 15+% (year 3) current cash-on-cash 20+% IRR over five year hold Investment Multiple:  2.5